Fairmont Adventist Church is a strong supporter of Christian education.

Our members believe that a solid foundation of Christian teaching is the key to having a successful life now and for eternity. We support a local elementary school and academy (high school), as well as a nearby college.

Lodi Seventh-day Adventist Elementary

Lodi Seventh-day Adventist Elementary is one of the high quality Christian schools to which the Fairmont Adventist church is blessed to be connected. Lodi Adventist Elementary is committed to the total well-being of our students. The educational, spiritual and safety needs of our students are a top priority.


Lodi Academy

Lodi Seventh-day Adventist Academy is the second high quality Christian school with which the Fairmont Adventist church has close ties. Lodi Academy provides it students with strong academics, an unrivaled music department, a great athletics department, and tremendous spiritual programming. The school's faculty and staff are committed to providing quality education in a Christ-filled environment.


Pacific Union College

Among the many Seventh-day Adventist colleges and universities around the world, the Fairmont Adventist Church is most closely connected with Pacific Union College (PUC). PUC is a fully accredited Seventh-day Adventist Christian liberal arts college, founded in 1882 and located in California's Napa Valley. The college's overall program offers a full lineup of bachelor's degrees as well as several associate degrees, one master's degree, and pre-professional and degree completion programs.