Spreading God's Word


Our story began in the early 20th century. 

Families that looked forward to Jesus' return met together

in each others' homes (one of which was a tent!) for worship on Sabbath mornings.


Over the years, various other locations were used (no more tents!) until finally settling down at our present location.

We welcome you to come worship with us as we strive to be

a meaningful part of our community through service to Jesus Christ.

See below for a more detailed account of how we got started.

Our History

Around 1903, several Seventh-day Adventist families would meet together in homes

of the various members for Sabbath worship services.

The first official meeting of the group was recorded in March, 1905.

Seventeen parishioners met in a tent (the home of one of the members) in what is now Lawrence Park.

They eventually were able to meet in a permanent structure.

1st Permanent Building

Lodi Avenue near Garfield Street

While at this location, the membership of the SDA church in Lodi increased dramatically, due in part to the presence of a number of German-speaking believers. Services were held in English in the morning, and German in the afternoon. The church had no regular pastor at this time: the Elders provided leadership, and visiting ministers provided assistance.

The Hilborn Church

Corner of Hilborn and Garfield Streets

Having outgrown the building on Lodi Avenue, the congregation decided to build a new church on the corner of Hilborn and Garfield Streets in 1922. Services were still conducted in both English and German. As was the custom of German churches, the men would sit on the right side of the sanctuary, while women would sit on the left.


This building soon proved to be too small for the ever-growing congregation, and was expanded in 1933 to accommodate their needs.

Eventually, they outgrew this building as well.

Our Present Home

Corner of Fairmont and Sylvia

Grounbreaking for our present location took place in February of 1959, with the first services being held on October 8, 1960, and the building being dedicated to God on Sabbath, May 23, 1964.


Since that time, several additions and improvements have been added, such as a beautiful array of stained-glass windows depicting the life of Christ, a full-service kitchen and Fireside room, a garage, and a "Hospitality Center" for socializing on Sabbath mornings.

We invite you to be part of our future.

We invite you to come grow with us and become part of our future as we

serve God and proclaim His message to the world.