Our Leadership Team

  • Tracy Baerg  - Lead Pastor  

    Pastor Tracy came to the Lodi Fairmont Seventh-day Adventist Church in 2007 as the youth/associate pastor. After serving in that position for four years, he was invited to become the lead pastor in early 2011.


    Pastor Tracy's vision for the Fairmont church centers around maintaining a healthy congregation, whose members are empowered and eager to minister to their surrounding community.

  • Jesse Malin - Associate/Youth Pastor    

    Pastor Jesse moved to California to be the youth/associate pastor at Fairmont Seventh-day Adventist Church in January of 2015. He is excited about leading young people closer to Christ and believes that outdoors is one of the best places for that to happen. 

  • Rhonda and Arne Romstad - Facility Maintenance

    Arne and Rhonda help keep our church facility in tip-top shape. They're an excellent team, and an important part of our Fairmont family.