Support God's Work through Fairmont

We have many ways that we reach people here at Fairmont.

Our ministries range from literature evangelism to feeding the homeless;

from supporting our local SDA schools to sending our members on mission trips all over the world;

from men's and women's ministry projects to local evangelistic outreach efforts.

And, of course, we like to keep our church beautiful so we can be a blessing to our neighborhood,

and a welcoming home to all who enter our doors.

If you feel encouraged to do so, we welcome you to become a faithful supporter of God's work through the

ministry of Fairmont. Whether it be through a systematic regimen of tithing, regular freewill offerings,

or a one-time donation, your contribution will be a significant part of Jesus' commission

to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15)